Delivery, Installations, Parts

Delivery: To save money your best option is to pickup and deliver the appliance yourself. We do work with a local company to deliver your like new appliances for a fee. The cost for delivery is generally $50 – $75 plus about $1.00 per mile. A big factor of delivery is how easy or difficult it is to get the appliance into your home. There is an extra fee if you wish to have your old appliance removed.

Installation: It is the customer’s responsibility to install the appliance. In most cases you can install the appliance yourself. If you have never hooked up an appliance you may need to hire a plumber, electrician or handyman to install your appliance.

Electric Dryer

  • Electric cord rated for appliance and matched to current home dryer outlet
  • Dryer vent, foil or metal tubing
  • Water hose if dryer has steam options


  • Hot and cold water hose


  • Water hose for Ice maker

Accessories and Parts

Amazon, eBay, and google searches are your best option to finding parts and accessories. We do not sell any parts or accessories at this time.